I have a lungfull of old lady carpet, and it’s making me cough

Yesterday we stayed at home to sort out the current house a bit, get the gardens sorted, do some ironing and cleaning etc. However, the Inlaws obviously have the bit in their teeth, they went over and “did a little bit”. Impressed!!! and I’ve also come to the rather galling realisation, that the Caseys Snr, are actually fitter than we are, as MrC and I were a mass of aches and pains. They did an awesome job on what we’re starting to refer as to “the cat garden”.

The reason for this is Maggie, she’s our rescue cat, she is highly nervous of, well, pretty much everything and she’s got an established reputation for running away. This garden has hedges all around, it’s mostly contained and I think she’ll feel safe there when we let her outside after the move (she’s staying indoors for at least a month after it happens).


We’ve also got electricity reconnected, this means we can have cups of tea, working hard without access to cups of tea is a violation of every single human right there is.

Today we headed out to Purbeck with good intentions of hacking back a very small portion of out of control bamboo, but rain stopped play so after planting up the pond with some aerating plants we had to head indoors.

So we spent most of the morning throwing away old lady stuff, I’m not being harsh, we threw away a bath chair, teasmaid and a hostess trolly amongst other things (we’re keeping a couple of rather pretty silver forks and knives which I’ll clean up).


Then we started to pull up all the carpets and skip them. Observe the horribleness of the carpets….

DSCF0729 DSCF0728

The floors downstairs once we’d removed the carpets, are a lovely parquet, but because it’s a rural property, we will also be hiding them under carpet (no patterns) as carpets insulate and keep heat in, we’ll be running the central heating on oil and don’t want to have to top it up too often.

DSCF0741 DSCF0745

The floors upstairs, not parquet, but a solid pine plank that doesn’t need replacing, phew, that’s a few beers worth of saving!

DSCF0739 DSCF0737

Unfortunately, I have deeply underestimated the amount of crap we’d be throwing away.


This is the extra carpet we couldn’t cram into the skip… Another one on order.

DSCF0743 DSCF0742

We then realised that the heavy rain was a good opportunity to see where the guttering was failing (3 places) and that we should probably dig out the drains that are blocked (by we, I mean MrC of course).

The dark mass he’s holding there is a combination of a small sycamore tree and bamboo roots that he removed from one of the drains, and it might be boring but this is for me and I want to remember it, next is the drain he cleared, actually draining rather than shoving water directly into the foundations of the house!



Couple of hitches, we have some kind of insect infestation, it’s not wood worm as we can’t find any holes in the wood, and the upstairs (delightfully pink) toilet is leaking, plumber coming out tomorrow.


On a side note, proving how good a friend Darren is (I don’t know a man that works harder physically than Darren) , I was able to ask him, without any embarrassment, “Is the reason I’m only peeing once a day due the fact I’m sweating almost constantly with the physical labour?” Apparently it’s normal and I’m not about to die due to very yellow pee on a very infrequent basis, good to know.

I don’t get to play tomorrow as I’m staying at the current house to wait for a new mattress being delivered, but MrC is under strict orders to take plenty of photos and give me a full heads up on progress. This probably means I’ll get one photo and “we did some stuff” as the commentary.

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