I need sleep

Such a massive amount of progress today, it’s hard to know where to start. Well actually start was an early one, the marvellous Mr James was on site today, he starts early, finishes late and doesn’t stop in between. So start was 6:30 am, we were supposed to be there for 8:00 am, it was about 20 past when we finally rolled up though.

First job for Darren and the digger was to clear the mass of impenetrable bamboo roots next to the house. He’d done that by the time we arrived….


What next, what next??? See that mess of bamboo, bramble, small trees, tree stumps, nettles and stuff… Kill it, kill it dead. Somewhere in there is a pond (dried up, but still a pond in principle) see if you can find it 🙂 << That was the face Mr James made when given a directive of unrestricted destruction.

DSCF0815 DSCF0818   DSCF0826 DSCF0828 DSCF0830

MrC started a fire, 10 hours later, it was still going, I don’t even want to think about how much stuff he’s burned, all the clearing we’ve done in the last 10 days, plus a shedload of debris left behind by Darren’s ruthless digging.


Leaving the boys to play with their machines and their fires, the Casey’s snr and me worked on the gardens at the front of the house. MrC snr, mowed, and mowed and mowed and mowed with a really not up to the job electric mower until Aide the chap who works the land opposite the house took pity on him and loaned us a petrol powered one, work went much quicker after that!



I started thinning out the bamboo in the front garden, we can’t eradicate that without destroying the neighbour’s fence which they would probably take umbrage at, so the best I can do there is to try to stop it from spreading too much.

MrsC snr ran barrow load after barrow load of the bamboo and grass cuttings to MrC’s fire, I think she must have done the equivalent of Norwich and back, apparently their normal walk of an evening is cancelled today.

Quick lunch of beans on toast (had to make the toast in the living room, the kitchen only has 2 sockets and they were being used for the microwave and the kettle).

In the back gardens destruction on an epic scale continued…

DSCF0841 DSCF0843

In the front gardens things were a little more refined, MrC senior gave the patio stones a make over and removed the rotten planter, MrsC snr and I did general weeding and tidying up and I skived off for a bit (I should be ashamed).

DSCF0848 DSCF0849


I returned Aides lawnmower and he and Gaynor invited me to have a look round their smallholding, as this would involve the patting of horses, it was going to be a cold day in hell before I could refuse.

They have a lovely set up, happy happy animals, geese (for Christmas dinner), pigs (for sausages), goats (not sure) chickens for general purpose, a fantastic veggie patch, a safe enclosure for all the chicks and other baby animals, the biggest rabbit I’ve ever seen (seriously, it was the size of a small dog!) and bee hives, they were kind enough to give me a jar of their honey, and the offer of free horse poo (atm we’re suffering from an overload of plants, but the horse poo will come in handy once we’ve eradicated the unwanted ones and start growing veggies).

I reciprocated with a tour around Purbeck grounds, they were very sympathetic about the ragwort, impressed by the amount of destruction Darren had rendered and Tims fire (it had got a lot bigger as the day went on) I will repay the honey in apples for the horses once they’re ripe!


When I finally stopped slacking off, I saw Darren had the digger in the front garden, so I asked him to please kill the rockery near the house, it had horrible plants in it, and although I’d chopped it back I couldn’t clear it as it was all so tightly packed I couldn’t get a fork in it. 3 mins later, problem sorted!


On the wildlife front, a very important little fella made himself known, we THINK, but are not sure that this is the common or viviparous lizard, a misnomer as they’re kind of rare, all lizards are rare in the UK so this is an amazing find, MrC snr captured him and released him far away from all the action (you’ll need to enlarge the pic to see him).


Tomorrow will be more hard work, there is a trench to be dug for the new oil tank install, some trees/plants nearer the house to be removed and it’s time to tackle the ragwort in the paddock.

By law we cannot remove this from the property, so it’s going to be hacked down and burnt. That doesn’t help the problem much as there is so much young growth, but I’m hoping Greg (the meadow man) will be able to help there.

Another 6:00 am start tomorrow, but we’re giving ourselves Monday off, MrC returns to work on Tuesday and needs a break, and I’m a walking bruise. Had a bath last night, I couldn’t tell what was bruises and what was dirt, so I went with if the dirt hurts when you scrub it, it’s probably a bruise.

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