Don’t take the digger, nooooo.

Sorry no pics today, the camera decided to have a moment.

Another early start, this time we only arrived 20 seconds after Darren, even though he’d overtaken us on the way there ūüėČ

We all started out in the meadow, Darren continued with his unrestrained destruction, but due to the horrible rainy weather we were unable to burn too much today, that’s a job for next week.¬† I started out on the ragwort, I managed about an hour then I hit my limit, too long running at high capacity with too little food (no time to cook, beans on toast is about as good as it gets at the moment).¬† So I decided to do some work inside, both the bathrooms need the tiles removing so I tackled the upstairs bathroom.¬† And to my surprise managed to finish it, I’ve never de-tiled a room before.¬† It’s a nasty messy, fiddly job.¬† I had tile chips in places one would really not want tile chips.¬† My hair turned into a solid mass of sweat and grouting dust.¬† It’s a glamorous job this renovating, not.

MrC did some strimming of the damned ragwort for a while, then switched to fire duty until the rain put it out and we ran out of red diesel to reignite it.¬† Then he joined me inside and did some more prep on the bedrooms, I think that’s all the cracks filled now, they just need sanding and we’re good to start painting.¬† He then removed one of the flower beds in front of the house, whilst they’re pretty, they’re also just¬†over the damp course of the house, never a good idea.¬† The other one will go next week.

We also had a visit from Bob the builder (seriously).¬† We’ve very lucky he’s agreed to sort out the fireplace and living room plasterers for us.¬† Bob is a master builder, and knowing he’s going to do it, is a huge weight off my mind.¬† He does a proper job does Bob.¬† We’ll need to wait until Oct/Nov before he can fit us in though. He’s also going to pin the front wall for us as it’s a tad dangerous at the moment.

Tim also managed to finally locate the stopcock (quite an achievement when you have 3 and a half acres to search).  Which was a very good thing, it meant Darren could use the digger to dig a trench for the new oil tank pipe without fear of rupturing the outside water supply without a means to turn it off.  Digging down the soil is clay, proper, could use it to make vases clay.  That would have been impossible to dig by hand.

Just as it was done Gerald came by to collect his digger, I felt a¬†pang, that was a mighty little machine, I think I loved it a little bit…..

All in all I think Darren has reclaimed about half an acre from bamboo and brambles in 2 days, impressive and we owe him a huge debt of gratitude.¬† He’s a good friend is Mr James, a very good friend.

Tomorrow is a day off, we need to recharge batteries a bit.¬† Tuesday MrC returns to work, but I’ll be going out¬†to Purbeck with Steve to help me out with the bits I’m too girly for (aka anything that involves powertools or heavy lifting).¬† Vicky will also hopefully be there, she’s going to do a deep clean on the kitchen, a job I was really not looking forward to, that kitchen is 45 years old (give or take a few years).¬† We’ll also be joined by a guy to fix the cesspit and in the evening I have a chap coming round to look at replacing the broken window frame and rotten panel in the conservatory.

Couldn’t find my pen and paper today, so I’ll bung the Tuesday list here:

Call the movers, confirm the date and pay them

Call the bathroom guy chase the quote and get a date

Call the boiler guy, find out if he’s laying the hardstanding and get a date

Call Greg the meadow guy, ask him to hire a mechanical scythe and raze the ragwort asap

Now time for a well deserved beer in the pub and then some zzzzz’s, no alarm clock tomorrow.

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