Cat/life balance

Becki’s still in the Forest of Dean, so you have me (Tim) for another day. Normal service will be resumed on Tuesday.

I started out late today, mainly because the cat was (literally) crying out for attention this morning and (again literally) grabbing my leg each time I went to leave. She’s normally not that pushy, so I thought I’d better take her subtle hints and spend a little time with her. I set off at 10:30 and called in to Notcutts and B&Q to pick up the essentials for the day.

With roadworks and a car boot sale within yards of each other on the main (actually, only) road through Diss, it was just gone midday by the time I reached the house. Norwich City planners could learn a lot from Diss town planners in their bid to make roads unusable for cars.

When I arrived, Mum and Dad were already there and hard at work weeding the front garden. Damien was making huge amounts of noise and dust with his collection of chisels, angle grinders, SDS drills and a ‘workman’s’ sound system, apparently designed specifically so that you could still hear it through ear defenders, above the sounds of controlled destruction.

My trip to Notcutts paid off. A month ago, my fave new must have gadget might have been a lightbulb that changed colours or my telly that fits in my suit pocket. Now, I was getting excited at trying out my new… …pond algae net. How times have changed!


At the end of the day, we have made more progress. The front garden is close to being manicured…

IMG_20150906_193429 IMG_20150906_193441

There are 24 new electrical sockets in place, ready to be wired into the mains. Damien will be back tomorrow to carry on with that.


The glossing is in progress…


And all traces of the lightpull are gone…


It’s back to work for me tomorrow, but I’ll be back at Purbeck in the evening to carry on painting. But for now, I must sign off because the cat’s about to sit on the keyboard to tell me that she needs my attention far more than you dugyfopsw;sip;f;sofsFIUYSUDYFSDOFIJSDLFCHKIS7YD98A099

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