This is the 17:50 service from Abellio Greater Anglia…..

Ahhhh, on the train home, good for many reasons, but the first is I HAVE WIFI again! Halleluiah! In a few hours I will be able to hug Maggie and the husband, both of whom I’ve missed.

Sounds like it’s been an eventful few days for both MrC and I, and I’m looking forward to playing with his algae net (not a euphemism).

I arrived at Dad and Jude’s to find the birthday celebrations in full swing, both guests and wasps were having a marvellous time, lovely to see so many family and friends, I don’t get over this side of the country often, it’s both expensive and time consuming if you don’t drive.

Sunday I helped Dad harvest the veggies for lunch which the lovely Lou and her hubby cooked and I got to play with the worlds tallest Labrador for a bit, seriously think his mother may have had a dalliance with a Great Dane.


We also took Maisy out for a walk, luckily she managed not to kill anything, although Dad had to call her back from chasing down a few horses, that dog has the face of an Angel and the heart of a serial killer.

DSCF0933 DSCF0936

Then headed over to Auntie M’s to play with some ponies, unfortunately I had a slight horse and cart related injury which Lydney Hospital patched up in less than 30 mins.

Last time I was there (I was only about 12 years old, but some things you just don’t forget) they stuck a needle in my ass, luckily I avoided such indignity’s this time. Would probably have been out of there in 15 mins, but as I’m covered in lumps, bumps, scratches, gouges and other assorted injuries at the moment, I had to convince the nurse “I’m not self harming, I’m renovating, and I’m a clutz”

DSCF0940 DSCF0941

(These are 2 different horses, Brook the one leaning over the stable door is a rather lovely TB and poor Domino who I’ve caught at a terrible camera angle is a Shetland.)  I also managed to surprise myself by remembering how to, mostly, harness a horse/pony up for pulling a carriage.

Am under orders to take it easy for a few days to allow the wound time to knit properly, which will probably curtail my digging, this is a pain, I rather like digging…

Today I had a lovely morning sitting in the sun in Dad’s garden. 40 years ago when he bought Plum Tree Cottage, the gardens there were almost as bad, if not as large, as Purbeck, so it was lovely to see how it can be done. (The slightly scruffy bit is the veggie garden, mostly harvested out at this time of year).

DSCF0948 DSCF0946 DSCF0945 DSCF0944  DSCF0942

On the way to the train station Dad took me to see the gardens where he does the landscaping and tending, and has done for 20 years, I can’t show any photo’s because these are private grounds, but it was a fantastic example of “wild” landscaping, where not everything is pruned and tended to within an inch of its life, but is still organised  and planned and beautiful. Like Purbeck will be one day.

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