No more water torture….

Although MrC and I were working yesterday there has still been some progress.

MrC fixed the dripping tap in the kitchen which had been driving me nuts and did some kind of man magic to make the TV, DVD, Blueray and games consuls talk to each other and (I love this man) restored NetFlix!!!!!

Peter has finally installed the bath in the bathroom, but a bit of a snafu he drilled the holes for the taps in the wrong place in the bath (sigh… ). So he’s on a mission to find new taps that will match the ones we have on the sink and will fit the holes he’s drilled.

After work I did a couple of hours out in the garden clearing more nettles and brambles out from the Orchard and starting a new pile of stuff to burn at the weekend.

My curtains arrived and MrC very patiently did the making them look neat thing, the main bedroom is pretty much completed now (there’s a snag list, but that will have to wait until we have some room to move, aka, once the bathroom and other bedroom have been completed, at the moment there is a lot of stuff in the main bedroom that will eventually be moved).


Hadley and Ottaway returned to pick up their boxes and packaging which created a bit of space in the hallway, unfortunately Maggie had become rather attached to the boxes and decided to throw a bit of a wobbly when she saw they’d been removed. She’s regressed to being all nervous and twitchy again. Might have to get the feliway out, although that seems to dope up the husband more than the cat.

Today after work it’s time to get the tractor out and do some mowing (which is fun) and then some raking (which is not)…


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