Bye Bye Ragwort, I shan’t miss you.

It’s been a while, I’ve been writing, but not posting, mental note, be less crap (my mental notes are about a much use as the paper they’re written on).

Friday I finished raking the lawns, filled in the death trap hole MrC had dug behind the tap in the garden (he was making sure we didn’t rupture the pipe when we had a trench dug for the new oil tank) and MrC and I dug over the little garden at the front of the house, I’m going to try to plant that up over the weekend.

The bath in the upstairs bathroom already has paw prints in it, what is it with that cat and baths???

Saturday was another full on day with Darren and the digger and the burning of very very much stuff, I am never going to get the smell of wood smoke out of my hair. To give some idea of just how much we’ve burned, we have 3 piles of fine white ash, that are about 5 foot wide and a couple of feet high.


We found that the bamboo roots wouldn’t burn effectively as they were so compacted with soil, so we (we being Mr and MrsC Snr, MrC, Darren and me) burnt off what we could, and Darren removed what was left to the (3rd) skip. We filled it to the brim with the roots, that’s 8 cubic meters of bamboo root. We estimate it’s about 8 tonnes in weight, possibly more if it rains, I hope to God it doesn’t flip the skip lorry when it comes. I’ve decided I love skips, I really do, they magically, albeit somewhat expensively make all your rubbish disappear. We’re going to need at least 1 more, we still have a load of tree stumps that wouldn’t burn, a few more bamboo roots and a bathroom suite, actually 2 bathroom suites, we found one under a tree in the back garden, to dispose of. I think by the time we’re done I’ll have shelled out nearly a grand for skips, but I still love them….

Tim decided that with the view from the house being opened up by the removal of brambles, elderberry trees and bamboo, it was time for the Ragwort in the meadow to be dealt with. MrC with his strimmer and MrC Snr with his hedgecutter started felling them whilst both of us MrsC’s carried them to be burned. A horrible job, I still feel like I have Ragwort seeds up my nose. We all got about half of the meadow done.  This is a temporary fix only, it will need a proper treatment in the spring, but at least we don’t have to look at it anymore.

Sunday was supposed to be a day off, MrC and I are both feeling a bit low on energy, but as with most of my plans, that went a bit awry, and all for the good as we got a lot done. Val and Roger came by, Val carried on with her bramble patch and cleared a load of them and Roger chopped down some of the bamboo in the front and wove a basket with them (colour me impressed!).

DSC_0110 DSC_0111

Back at the meadow the ragwort was all finally chopped (by MrC snr with his trusty hedgetrimmers) and burned and MrC gave the poor tractor mower a baptism of fire (not actual fire, setting fire to expensive machinery is generally a bad plan). That poor little mower has chopped down an acre and a half of 4-5 ft grass, dock, thistle and other assorted weedage, it’s currently resting under a tarpaulin trembling…


Off to Bressingham for Sunday lunch (it’s very good) and I splurged in the garden centre on some plants for the tiny little garden at the front of the house. The inlaws and Val and Roger couldn’t resist a little surprise when we got back from the garden centre, having artistically arranged a load of bamboo in the garden I was going to plant up… Not funny! OK, a bit funny, bloody bamboo….


It’s easy to forget we’ve only been here 6-7 weeks, the work to be done can feel a bit OMG at times, but what we’ve (and by we, I mean everyone whose helped out) already accomplished is nothing short of a bloody miracle.

Monday back to work, but afterwards MrC did a bit more mowing and I threw away some more stuff in the skip (there were a few gaps left and at £200 per skip, waste not…)

Tuesday was a day off from working on the house.

Today Mr and MrsC dropped off the floor tiles for the bathroom they’d kindly picked up for us, BT engineer number 3 came by and did absolutely nothing to improve the internet connection and the skip was picked up, I miss it already….


Photo credits to MrC Snr, my phone has been on the fritz, so far I’ve murdered 2 cameras and a phone in about a month, if you need any electronics killing, I’m your gal.

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