Cough cough sneeze.

Day 2 of Demo!

A busy dusty day. We had a double whammy on the electrics front, the electrical board was doing a transformer upgrade and the electricity was turned off from 9am-3am and Damian came to finish up rewiring the circuit board and turned it off at our mains as well.

Luckily, you don’t need electricity to operate a crowbar!

Damian took the awful florescent lights down and after much mucking about we managed to get the lighting plinth down off the wall.  This house is seriously well built, dismantling it is a heck of a job.

The coving at the top of the walls was chiselled off, that was a dusty job, and standing on a step ladder I took more than one facefull of dust and plaster (yes I was wearing eye protectors). We got the final bits of wall covering removed (except those behind the radiators, we have the return of Peter the Plumber on Friday to deal with them, the radiators not the wall covering).

After trying for a while to remove the shelving unit with some degree of precision, it was so tightly wedged in, it was time for the crowbar and a lump hammer and some major violence. Shelving unit came second.

Damian took a bit longer than we expected and it got very dark indoors so I lit a few candles so we could see enough to have a bit of a clean up. Gave me a giggle when I realised I’d inadvertently mood lit the crowbar.


Once we’d cleaned up the rubble and dust downstairs, time for a well deserved nap on the sofa. I think we’d better stock up on vacuum cleaner bags.

Poor Maggie is spending days cowering in the cat cupboard in the main bedroom, so we’re trying to keep as much normality for her as we can, so the cat chair, rugs, scratching posts and cat arch (best cat present ever) all restored to their proper place for her.

Builders start tomorrow and will continue on the demo of the fireplace (that’s going to need more heavy duty tools than we have) and we should take delivery of all the materials needed for the rebuild.

We’ve done a bit of DIY in the past, but nothing on this scale, it’s a definite experience…….



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