Purbeck is now on Santa’s list to visit (chanel no 5 please sir)

Yawn, cough cough, yawn.

Finally we have a fireplace installed!

It took 3 builders 2 days, an awful lot of standing around muttering and scratching of heads and a bit of a snafu (note, if you’re fitting a marble fireplace don’t fix the surround to the wall first) and a whole bunch of assorted adhesives, but it’s in, and omg does it look wonderful.


All that’s left for the builders now is to sort out the skirting and fix the conservatory window. The rest is over to MrC and me. We still need Damian to come in and sort out his dodgy wiring for the lights, hopefully he’ll be over this weekend.


We’ve been pulling long days after the builders have left, making a start on the decorating, it’s only when you have to paint every square inch you realise how bloody big this place is…. We’re on a deadline though, the carpet has been ordered and is being fitted on the 23rd December so we HAVE to have finished all the decorating by then, it’s going to be close, but we’ll do it, somehow.

Spoke with Vicky today, she’s the seamstress in the village who’s making our curtains for us, the curtains will be ready for the 23rd but the pelmets won’t be ready until the new year. That suits me, it’s going to be lovely to be able shut some curtains and block out the world, and also stop the world from looking in. Although to be fair, the driveway is long enough that I doubt anyone can see much.

MrC has installed the main radiator in the living room and that’s cleared up the damp problem but I’m still fighting dust, gave the kitchen and master bedroom a top to bottom clean on Sunday, they’re completely covered in a fine layer of dust again, have been researching installing hepa filters….

I’m still recovering from the flu, but starting to feel better everyday and I’m no longer being subjected to involuntary naps (it takes ages for keyboard imprints to fade from your forehead), the antibiotics have cleared up the chest infection and I’m hoping to be back to normal (as normal as I get anyways) soon, looking forward to meeting up with friends at the Rose on Friday, hopefully I won’t flake out at half eight this time.




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