Mud Mud glorious Mud!


Well there’s been all sorts of shenanigans going on at Casa Casey (jnr) over the last couple of days.

Monday the asbestos removal guys turned up and started bagging and tagging the damn stuff, most of it is at the back of the property and putting their truck in the meadow would have been ideal and saved them an awful lot of legwork, but I told them the land was just too wet to support the truck so they parked at the edge of the hardstanding and hauled bag after bag after bag, they did an amazingly thorough job, picking up even the tiniest pieces. Storm Imogen was starting to make her presence felt, the winds were intense and at about 2pm they had a full load, but they couldn’t offload it at the asbestos processing place and return because the winds were too high, the processing place wouldn’t let them offload it, so they headed off to return in the morning.

We also had a visit by a rather charming chap from the insulation company, he got his drill out, had a look in our walls with his camera widget, checked out the attic and eves spaces and did some jiggery pokery with his paperwork.

To put in cavity wall insulation and insulation in the attic and eves would be about £1200. However, with the government grants available the bill would be reduced to about £200 (much more achievable, and about time the bloody Government gave us something back, MrC and I pay an eyewatering amount of tax).

We should get this work done in the next month or so, it’ll save us loads of money on heating bills next winter.

Monday night, it rained, and rained, and rained a fair bit more.

Tuesday Morning, bright and early (I was prepared for this and for once was dressed and not loafing about bleary eyed in my dressing gown) the asbestos guys turned up. They headed straight round to the back of the property, and I watched them from the kitchen window….

“TIM!!!!” I yells (a fishwife special)…

“What?” says MrC

“Get your wellies on, they’ve just taken the truck off the back of the hardstanding”

And yep, even before we could get wellies on and get outside the truck was stuck in the mud.  Apparently they’d got a bit tired of hauling all the asbestos to the truck and decided to risk taking the truck into the meadow, bad plan… When the landowner says the land isn’t going to support your vehicle, what they mean is “DON’T GO OFF THE CONCRETE YOU MUPPET”.

So at about 8:30am we’re all out there pushing the truck out of the mud, with the help of some old bits of carpet we finally managed to get it going and despite my better judgement they headed across the meadow to the huge pile of asbestos they’d made yesterday.

MrC and I went indoors to scrape off the worst of the mud and head to work.

About 4 hours later, the truck, now fully loaded had sunk up to its axels in the gloop that passes for land. This time they’re going to have to sort it out themselves, not a chance we can push a fully laden truck out of there and both MrC and I have meetings to attend. I tried to give David in the village a ring to see if he could recommend a friendly farmer nearby with a tractor, but I couldn’t get hold of him. So the guys headed off (in full decontamination gear) to try to find a farmer… They found a farm but no farmer, and a tractor with no driver. So they ended up calling the boss (Barry) who headed over with a Land Rover to try to tug them out.

(very very stuck!)


He turned up about an hour later, and to give the Land Rover credit it didn’t have a problem getting to the truck through the muck, but (have to admit I couldn’t help watching through the window) it didn’t have enough ommpff or enough grip to dig the lorry out of the bloody large hole it had dug itself into.


So I put on a pair of wellies headed out to the garage and got the light aluminium ramps we use to get the tractor mower up onto the front lawn. These were an awesome gift from Mr and MrsC snr, and I was a bit worried they might get damaged, but it was risk we kind of had to take. Otherwise we’d be hiring a tractor to rescue the Land Rover that came to rescue the truck. And these lightweight little champions worked like a charm, they gave the Land Rover the traction it needed to be able to drag the truck out. We had to use them about 5 times to actually get the damn truck out of the meadow and they stood up to the punishment no problem at all (although they need a good wash now).

Having wasted most of the day trying to get out of the mud and not actually removing any new asbestos the guys headed off with a load they’d done yesterday to the processing place and Barry and I had a look at the outbuildings.

Now these are 112ft of solid asbestos panels. It’s going to be expensive to remove we’re fully aware of this. Now Barry (he’s a lovely chap in his 70’s, who’s only working “because I got bored not working, I’ve been shifting asbestos for nearly 50 years now”) takes a look at them, immediately identifies the type it is, how heavy it’s going to be (asbestos removal is apparently based on weight) and suggests a cup of tea before we talk about price…

I stick the kettle on, he thinks that each section of the outbuildings weighs about a tonne and because of the size of the panels they’ll need a special bin to put them in, he never really did give me a price exactly but I’m guessing from what he did tell me we’re looking at about £1k to £1.5k per section. We have 6 sections. What he did suggest, that hadn’t occurred to me was that we remove a section at a time to spread the cost.

Tea finished Barry heads off to pick up his grandchildren from school and take them to feed his donkeys, I love this guy 🙂

Back to work, far too much excitement for a work day!

After work MrC and I headed out to inspect the damage in the meadow, it’s not pretty…


Maggie has also had an exciting day, I let her out at about 7am this morning and she disappeared for nearly an hour, I (once again) sent MrC out in his wellies to go cat hunting, she seemed to come back from the direction of the veggie garden.  She also had her first explore of the front of the house, and later in the day because I’d left the garage door open, she had a rather enjoyable explore of the garage, she’s finally finding her paws here!

(a pic just because she’s cute)


Tomorrow, I have a day off work, we’ve got Val and Roger and the Caseys Snr are heading over, I hope Roger brings his chainsaw 😉





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