I am weary of brambles.

So what have we been up to for the last week…

Well Saturday MrC and I carried on with the debrambling, he’s done an amazing job in the front garden, the secret garden, is alas no longer quite so secret anymore, we had no idea quite how much of the front was just bramble. Luckily, there is a random patch of miscanthus (that’s the grassy stuff) near the outbuildings that we can dig up and transplant to the wall and make it good.

I carried on at the back of the property, and I can finally say that all the trees are debrambled, there is a huge amount of work still to be done, but the trees, hopefully, should have a chance to flourish this year, there are 6 walnuts, 2 apples, quite a few blackthorne (yay, sloe gin) a huge conifer, a silver aspen that’s truly wonderful and other assorted ones I can’t yet identify. There is a massive amount of bramble debris and roots yet to remove, but we’re getting there.

Mr and MrsC snr paid a visit, MrsC snr hauled a tonne (probably literally) of bramble detritus from where MrC had been working and MrC Snr carried on in the veggie garden breaking down the rotten wire frames that are everywhere in there, sounds simple but it really isn’t. They also hauled away a load of rubbish (mostly from the now defunct propagating house to the dump, saving us a fortune in skips).

Also had a visit from Barry the asbestos man, MrC snr found a few bits for him to take away, Barry enjoyed my baking (had a foray into gingernuts (my first recipe from Delia’s cookbook, my birthday pressie from Mr and MrsC snr) and cheese straws, both of which he enjoyed, I like to bake stuff, I’m not very good, but I’m getting better).

HURRAH! We have germination in the greenhouse, I was very excited, it’s time to crack open the Champagne Anna brought round.

Germination MrC, get the glasses out

Germination of what says MrC?

Cabbage says me, savoy cabbage!

Nope says MrC, I am NOT celebrating cabbage.

What a spoilsport!

Personally I love cabbage…

I’ve cheated a bit, it’s been very very cold for the last couple of days, so I yanked the cabbages (potential cabbages) out of the greenhouse and have put them in the conservatory.

Speaking of the greenhouse, it’s starting to look good in there, now all the asbestos has been removed, MrC has built me a lovely workbench and we’ve got some scaffold boards in to create an area for plants to germinate. Still a bit of work to do clearing out and making good, but it’s starting to be a lovely place to be, going to need a radio and a comfy chair in there soon.

Before with all the asbestos..


And after…

As the days draw out, it’s nice that I can get out in the garden for an hour or so after work these days. It’s surprising how much you can get done in just an hour.

So far this week, with snatched hours, the comfrey has been sprayed, I’ve moved a lot of deadwood from the wooded area near the “entertaining garden”, planted a row of spring onions in the greenhouse and some jalapeños in pots. The meadow has had a good ragworting, and happily, I only found about 50 plants, I actually removed more dock than I did ragwort.

The further we get, the more work we find to do, there are a lot of dead trees that are too big for my little handsaw to clear, haul and burn (Roger, please come back soon). There are also some stuff I can’t figure out if it’s dead or alive, good or bad, but we’ll figure it out, eventually.

The ducks have definitely taken up permanent residence in the pond and they’re becoming more friendly, so they have been given names (by me, MrC isn’t a fan of ducks), so the lady black and white duck is Bib and the male is Tucker, I may have been giving them some grain, but if asked under oath, I shall have to abstain from answering.

Most of the jobs from last week’s list have been completed, what’s next…

For me, as my digging knee is feeling better, it’s back to the far end of the property, clear the bramble mess (dead brambles are almost as annoying to clear as live ones) and dig up the roots.

What else, sometimes, it’s hard to do a list as there is so bloody much that needs sorting out, so without overthinking it…

Bamboo digging up

Holy crap, this needs sorting out, I think it might be the largest bramble yet

There is a lot of dead stuff in the conifers that needs hauling out, but it’s about 20ft up, and I’m a very short person.


Paths need a pressure washing, although, I am loathe to add to the water content…

A good weeding, the herb patch and all the paths near the house.

Remove all the rubbish from the middle section of the greenhouse and make the bed good for future planting.

Once the snowdrops die down, dig them up, separate and replant. They look lovely don’t they?


The job we didn’t do this week, will wait for next year, I’m not sure yet where the asparagus patch will be, but once identified, will clear clean and fertilise.





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