Burning chestnut wood smells just like roasting chestnuts.

So we’ve had a visit from Roger and his trusty chainsaw. This is like being visited by a small highly targeted hurricane! I’m so grateful for his help, neither MrC nor I have any experience with chainsaws, I think it would be a little like giving a 3 year old a loaded machine gun, probably not going to end well.

His first job was to take down the chestnut tree, not an easy decision this, I didn’t really want to fell it, but it has rust mould and it was far too close to the Oak tree, so it had to go (Oak trumps chestnut every time, don’t know why, it just does). Turns out it was the right decision, inspection of the trunk after it was felled showed it was dying from the inside out.

Hopefully this will allow the Oak to thrive.

Mr and MrsC snr hauled all the branches down to the meadow, the pile of stuff in there is, once again becoming a bit overwhelming.

Roger then turned his attention to the area MrC and I have been been clearing near to the summer house, there is a number of dead/fallen trees in there that were a little bit much for our handsaws. Had a bit of a hiccup on one of them when the chain bit through dead wood into some that was much denser and got stuck. He managed to free it and retightened the chain, time for a cuppa before he carried on.

After lunch Mr and MrsC snr turned their attention to the veggie patch, raking up the moss and dead nettle stems before rotovating and then pulling up all the nettle roots. I can’t believe how much they’ve managed to clear. Best I get into the greenhouse and plant some seeds so we have some veggies to put in there!

Roger had come round, not just to help with the trees, but he also wanted a lot of the scrap metal we have hanging about the place to use making pheasant enclosures. After work MrC snr and I dismantled a (as ever) well made cage in the orchard that was only housing a couple of holly trees, a lot of snipping with wire clippers before it came free, and he also took away a bunch of metal posts that had been holding up the asbestos fence. We had no use for any of this, so it’s great it can be used (and saves us chucking it in a skip).

Once he’d run out of dead trees to log (there may be more, still a fairly large area we haven’t managed to access yet) Roger decided to have a fire! The stuff I’d raked out of the conifer rows over the weekend went up really fast and made a good start for chucking on all the trees and other stuff that had accumulated over the last week or so. This was a HUGE fire, as the light started to go we were all feeding it, just chuck another tree on before it gets dark…


Once MrC finished work (he works much harder than I do) he came out and had a go with the rotovator in the waterlogged area near the meadow, he did a fair bit of it and planted some grass seed, hopefully this will take.



I saved a few logs from the fire to make an insect hotel in the conifer grove.


A huge amount achieved!