45 is NOT too old to want an easter egg.

Been a fairly productive week here. Had a visit from Mr and MrsC snr early in the week, MrC went nuts in the veggie patch, he’s been planting out a whole host of goodies. 5 rows of spuds, 3 rows of peas (including 1 row of his famous leafless pea), a row of mangetout and another 2 rows of broadbeans. Exciting stuff 🙂  Can’t wait to eat them.


MrsC went into full on haulage mode, clearing a huge amount of dead wood from the area I removed all the wire fencing from last week.  There is a big clump of snowdrops hidden behind the mound, so I really need to separate and replant them in the wooded area. .

Between David dumping all the conifers from the wood next door and MrsC haulage, we have an absolutely massive pile of stuff to burn, but I’m holding off on a fire for a while. There are a few jobs that need to be done that are going to produce green waste that I can’t compost and being green don’t burn easily. So before we have a MASSIVE bonfire the meadow needs another good ragworting and dock removal. The orchard needs a raking, it’s mostly moss in there and there is goosegrass everywhere I need to get up. Once these jobs are complete we can have, possibly the biggest fire yet. The reason I’m putting off the burning is because we’ve removed about 90% of the big stuff to burn, so this is probably going to be our last huge fire and you need a good hot fire to burn green waste.

MrC wants to put a path in the wooded area, and he wants it framed by logs so the path guides you gently round the wood, into the entertaining garden and down into the conifer grove. We have a fair few logs we’ve saved, but not quite enough to do the entire path, David has very kindly dumped a load of the conifer logs near the orchard for me to use, they’ll need hauling up to the wood, but they’ll do the job nicely.


He also gave me a couple of goose eggs, these things are enormous, not entirely sure what I’m going to do with them yet, maybe I should ask him if can borrow a couple of geese to take care of the goosegrass for me….



Bank holiday Friday was such a lovely day, time for some work. I’ve been annoyed for a while by the piles of soil/rubbish in the orchard, aim for today, sift through the pile, get out the junk, and redistribute the soil so it’s vaguely flat in there. Hard work, but I got the first phase done, the ground is flatish and grass seed sowed (aka pigeon food applied to the ground…) 3 bags of assorted rubbish sifted out, lots of bedsprings, a bottle of pills, hundreds of silver milk bottle tops among other things, also unearthed quite a few bits of aspestos which has gone into the hazardous waste bag. If anyone has a spare spine, I could use one.

MrC joined me outside, but all his work was underground (so no before and after), he tackled the bit of garden directly outside the kitchen window (that we’re going to turn into a wild flower garden). He dug up barrow load after barrow load of nettle roots, smashed a couple of tree stumps into oblivion and dug up bramble roots.

Maggie had a lovely time out in the sun, the first time she’s been outside with us when we’re working!

We’ve earned a reward, time for a bath to remove the dirt and head into the Rose for a few well deserved beers 🙂

Saturday is too windy to do much of anything outside, so as my friends Anne and Kev are coming by on Monday for a visit, decided to use one of the goose eggs to bake a cake for them, one cherry and almond cake ready for visitors.  Goose eggs are interesting, you need a hammer and chisel to get into them, but once you do, wow, bright orange yolks that whisk up well, can’t wait to try the cake.


Sigh…  Building work will start anew shortly, delivery today of new bathroom door and other bits.








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