Randy pigeons are distracting me from typing…


Been a bit up and down here this week, as I’ve often said, I don’t do rain, and we’ve had downpours for a large part of the last week, the land is sodden again, but at least its drying out fairly quickly.

During the week I’ve been in the woodland, raking, pruning, weeding and hauling stuff down to the meadow for burning, or in the greenhouse listening to radio 2 and pretending I know what I’m doing. Seem to have a lot of full seed trays germinating so I can’t be making a complete hash of it.

I’m about halfway through clearing the woodland, it’s a large area and I can’t do much when the land is soaked, looking forward to getting it finished. With all the deadwood we’ve removed there are now quite a few gaps that need filling, that part of the garden is now very visible from the road, MrC wants to fill in the gaps in the front hedge with Yew and in the woodland area some sort of bushy evergreen to shield us from the road, but not as a hedge, it’s rather nice to be able to wander to the stream and to see into the woodland next door, so trees/bushes will be planted strategically so they block causal glances into the gardens, but don’t stop us from being able to access the edge of the property. Not sure yet what sort of planting this will be, but not laurel, we’ve already got a huge amount in there, most of which needs a damn good cutting back.

Mr and MrsC snr came over twice, but because the rain had been so bad they weren’t able to do much in the gardens, so they took loads of rubbish (stuff we can’t burn) to the tip, it’s nice to see the place slowly, but surely, being cleared up, still a long way to go though, we keep finding new piles of rubbish hidden in corners or behind trees.  It’s saving us an absolute fortune in skip haulage, so I’m very grateful.

Sunday I started to haul more of the stuff I’d cleared from the wood down to the meadow and realised it was pretty much fill, was going to have to have a fire before I could clear anymore. So MrC and I spent most of the day having a gargantuan fire. Sunday also saw a visit from the tree surgeons, these guys were fantastic, scampering about the trees like destructive squirrels.

Some of the trees about the place were downright dangerous and needed sorting out before they maimed or killed someone.

This is the uprooted base of a 50ft conifer at the front of the property (and the after….)


Here we have the top of a tree that’s snapped off and come to rest in another tree.


The middle willow tree here has the snapped off remnants of a huge branch of one of the other willows stuck in it, it’s also got a rather rotten looking branch that needs lopping off.


The final job for the guys was to give the walnuts a bit of a tidy up, they’re in desperate need of a bit of tlc, so they’re having a crown lift, crossed branches removed and the crown thinned to allow air flow. With any luck we’ll see some walnuts this year (prepares for battle with the local squirrels).


We’ll need another visit from them, the willow trees need pollarding, but we’ll have to hire a cherry picker for them to do it safely. The silver aspen (or possibly a poplar of some sort, we’re not entirely sure what it is) is full of dead wood and needs a good clear out and there’s other trees that would appreciate a good pruning, not least the fruit trees in the orchard, but at least the ones that were dangerous have been made safe.

In other news, the fishpond is pregnant, with both toad and frog spawn, I’m just as fascinated watching the spawn changing from eggs to tadpoles now, as I was when I was a kid. Need to get a big rock to put in the pond so they can climb out safely when they’re fully developed. One of the fish looks suspiciously fat as well, so we may see a population increase 🙂


The veggie patch is looking awesome, garlic and onions coming along nicely, the broadbeans and some of the peas are poking through the soil and the first early potatoes are starting to sprout! Going to need to protect them soon, we have just about every veggie predator under the sun, pheasants, ducks, deer, rabbits and MrC (seriously, you should see him go through a parsley patch, it’s like watching a locust swarm).


The ornamental trees are looking lovely (not sure what the orange one is, I think it might be some sort of berberis.)

Some flowers are starting to come up, the pretty yellow ones here are lesser celandine, which is sprouting all over the place, it’s pretty, but rampant and I don’t want it in my flower beds, so I’m going to dig it up and transplant to the woodland (once I’ve finally finished clearing it) where it can spread as much as it likes.


Monday Mr and MrsC snr came around again and finished off the burning in the meadow, it’s now clear so we can start the whole thing again….

We’ve had our very first harvest from the greenhouse 🙂


And finally…. Out of the office window I can see the roof of the porch, which has a stone statue of a pigeon on it, at least 4 times a day I have the delightful sight of an idiot male pigeon trying to make out with it, it’s gotta go!









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