Why do weeds grow so much quicker than stuff I’ve planted?


Yay, I’m back… Checks little book of excuses…

Well, firstly I was ill, again, with a really nasty virus, I’m getting a bit tired of being an incubator for every passing germ… But, mostly recovered now.  Unfortunately I chose a bad time to get sick,just when all hundreds of thousands of weeds decided now would be an excellent time for a massive growth spurt.  So I got a bit behind, but with Tim on the rotovator and Mr and MrsC helping out, we’re kind of on top of most of them, sort of, maybe.

If it sounds like I’m lying to myself, it’s because I am, some parts of the grounds are like day of the bloody triffids, but we’re doing what we can.

The second excuse was I was fast running out of room on this blog, they only give you a certain amount free of charge, MrC tried to compress some of the photos and work other magic, in the end he paid for a subscription so I’ve got lots of space to play with now. So I’ll be updating regularly again!

It’s turned into a bit of a precarious balancing act in the gardens, the areas we’ve cleared need to be maintained, which means it’s harder to do a “project area” because if I don’t keep on top of what we’ve done, we’ll end up having to do it again, which I really don’t fancy.

So what have we done…

Well most of the flower borders in the front have been cleared and planted out with all the seedlings and plug plants I’ve been nurturing in the greenhouse all winter, it does look a bit sparse, but they should bulk up pretty quickly, and I’m hoping once that happens the weeds will die down a bit.

Tomatos are planted out in the greenhouse, I had way more than I expected germinate, I think we’ve got something like 23 plants…. I’ve got a feeling I’ll be running down the road after people begging them to take them off my hands.  I’ve also planted chilli’s and peppers and cucumbers, they seem to be doing ok.


Now I’ve planted tonnes of stuff out, had to wash all the pots…


Veggie patch is doing ok in places, less well in others, the cabbages are either bolting or eaten, out of 2 packets of carrot seed sowed, I’ve got 2 plants germinated, but the potatoes, onions and garlic are doing really well, the peas are okish and the broadbeans are going great guns (typical, I don’t actually like broadbeans..) Best of all I’ve planted out a load of sweetcorn, I’ve always wanted to grow sweetcorn, but never had the room before J



We’ve cleared lots of areas of debris and laid it to grass, grass is easy to dig up if we want to do something different later, stops weeds (mostly) and looks a lot nicer than bare earth. We’re trying to eradicate a whole bunch of comfrey that’s growing in one of the lawns,  going to take a whole bunch of weedkiller to achieve this I think.

We’re also discovering things we didn’t know we had, such as this magnificent laburnum, now I just have to convince both husband and cat not to eat any of it, they’re both prone to nibbling on toxic plants.


In bird news, the moorhen successfully hatched 5 chicks, and since then I’ve only glimpsed one of them, so no idea if she’s brought them up or not. The floofs have fledged, developed a quack but are not quite ready to fly yet.  They’ve been given names, Frank and Flit, hopefully they’ll be able to leave home soon because the duckpond is drying up.



We also have a very exciting visitor, a great spotted woodpecker who loves peanuts (photo credit to MrC)


The fishpond is teaming with life, so many tadpoles (or toadpoles) a family of newts, baby goldfish (apparently they start off black and slowly turn gold) and the waterlilies are flowering.


Gregg the meadow man wasn’t available to do any work on the meadow, so we’ve got a lovely guy from North Walsham looking after it, he’s harrowed, rolled and fertilised (to get the weeds growing so they’ll take up more weedkiller) and he’s coming back to spray later this week. I’ve had a chap take a look at the fencing and I’m waiting for a quote….

Here we have Maggels helping MrC do the drawstrings for the new bedroom curtains.








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