Even the ducks are sick of the rain…

Well Monday was a washout, torrential rain with extra wetness so nothing done in the gardens at all (really must get the leak in the conservatory roof fixed). I had a brief visit from Mr and Mrs C snr as they stopped by to take a trailer load of metal and glass we’d dug up to the dump.

I thought I had a wasps nest outside the bedroom window, and wasps are really destructive, they cause more damage than a hyped up Labrador puppy, but MrC took some photos and it’s not wasps we have, it’s a bee colony. Bees won’t chew up wooden roof beams to make their nests so they can stay, I’ll just have to keep that bedroom window closed this summer.



If you look closely at the picture, you can see 2 guard bees watching out (if your name’s not down, you’re not coming in) and a worker bee returning with a load of pollen (photo credit to MrC).

Tuesday before work I finally dug out the final bed in the greenhouse and I’ve planted out my winter squashes, tasty!


The tomatoes are starting to fix flowers, can’t wait for them to fruit. As they were in the greenhouse and bees might not be able to do the pollination for me, I did a bit of reading on tomato pollination, and the flowers are so perfectly designed, all you need to do to help them, is give the plant a shake and the male pollen will drop down on the female parts and job done, hey presto,  tomatoes (apparently).


Afterwork I pulled up the un-netted cabbages the pigeons had eaten and replaced them with a row of broccoli, safely tucked away in a polytunnel and gave the remaining (netted) cabbages a weeding, as you can see from the wheelbarrow, there were one or two weeds going on…  Some of the cabbages had bolted, so I gave them to Adie for his chickens to munch on, I did consider giving them to the ducks, but I don’t really want to train them to eat veggies, I’ve got enough problems with slugs, snails, deer, pigeons, rabbits and caterpillars, I don’t need to add ducks to the list.


MrC got his shovel out and tried to determine where the tarmac outside the outbuildings terminates, so we’ll know where Darren will need to join up to when he comes to do the road for us.


Here’s a close up of those wonderful roses you can see in the distance above, for all the nasties we have to deal with (ragwort, bindweed, mares tail to name a few), every now and again we get a lovely surprise like this!


Frank and Flit are desperate to fly, they keep standing with their beaks into the wind flapping their wings trying to get some lift, but no sign of them getting airborne yet, can’t be too much longer though.

The plan for tomorrow is to clear a bit more of the veggie patch and plant out (and net) the leeks I’ve got in the greenhouse and weed the row of califlowers.  I’ve also got a couple of seed trays of various flowers that need putting out in the front garden.  Fingers crossed it’s not too wet when I finish work.

Here’s a pic of Maggie having a snooze with her lookalike cuddly toy.  She’d had a busy morning digging holes in the herb garden.



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