Too much quack.


Well the last week has been a bit of a wash out, rain, properly heavy rain almost every day.

Apart from a bit of general weeding in-between showers I have managed to do some planting out in the veggie patch, leeks that I’ve been nurturing in the greenhouse since February and some French beans that MrC snr gave to me.

Sunday was actually quite a nice day, so I made a start on a job I’ve been itching to do for ages. From a distance, the orchard looks lovely and green, but it’s a bit deceptive.  Some parts of it I’ve already cleared and laid to lawn, so this Sunday I got weeding and raking up moss and I’ve got a little bit more done.  Still a way to go on this job, it’s back-breaking work, not just trying to get up the moss and weeds, but there is a mat of nettle roots just under the surface that need pulling up as well.

Still, 2 sizable sections completed. The grass seed is down, and at least I don’t need to water it!


The duckpond is slowly drying out, despite all the rain we’ve been having. Penny our original duck has obviously realised she was an appalling mother and has been popping in to give the ducklets a quick flying lesson, they’re very close to getting airborne now.


We have another mother duck visiting with 3 chicks, no pics of her, she’s a properly wild duck and hides when she sees me. We also have a resident drake, 3 or 4 moorhens as well, and the mother moorhen is currently sitting on another clutch of eggs.

This is entirely too much wildlife for a pond that isn’t going to exist soon.

And this morning…. We found this lot….


I make that approximately 18 ducks/ducklings now. I did not order 18 ducks.  There are all sorts of turf wars going on, an awful lot of quacking and splashing.


In the greenhouse the tomatoes are flowering nicely and the cucumbers are shooting up at about 8 inches a day. In the veggie patch we’re just waiting for a day that doesn’t include a downpour to harvest our frst potatoes.  I think my brassica crops are doomed, we have a massive amount of diamondback moths and they’re too small to be netted out.  The sprouts are doing really well, but they’re almost growing out of the polytunnel cloche affair I’ve got them in, and I know that the second I uncover them they’ll be eaten by pigeons.  The joys of gardening 🙂


MrC is really pleased with the roses he ordered, as they develop, the blooms are going a wonderful deep purple with a lovely fluffy flower.


In the paddock the weedkiller is really kicking in, next weekend (weather permitting) we can top it and resow with specialist paddock seed.  Here we have creeping buttercup, ragwort and dock dying off nicely.

I’ve had a quote for post and rail fencing for the paddock that is giving me heart palpitations ,£5250 for the fencing and 3 x 5 bar gates.  Fingers crossed I get my contract renewed at the end of the month.



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