One man went to mow…


Finally we get a little bit of sunshine for the weekend!

So MrC dusted off the tractor and went to mow a meadow…


Doesn’t sound like particularly hard work does it, but it really was. The grass was 3-4 foot tall and the ground is seriously uneven in places.  It took him a day and half to do (bless him, he would much rather of been indoors on the computer, he’s so good to me).

As there was so much grass, it needed raking and burning, leaving it would have caused the new growth to rot, so I had at it with a rake until MrC had the genius idea to re-mow areas in decreasing circles so the cut grass all blew into the middle, much easier than trying to manually rake 2 acres…

This lot needed burning, and for the first time I was really not happy with the fire, even though the grass has only just been cut, because the sun was so hot it was drying out very fast, and chucking it on the fire it would flare, and we had quite a wind so I was very nervous about it getting out of control, but all done now, this fire has been burning for over 10 days, I think it’s time to let it go out, before the neighbours decide to lynch me!

What an amazing transformation! When Gregg (our original meadow man) first took a look at the place, he said “you can turn this into a park”.  We’re not there yet, but we’re getting closer, you can see how wonderful it will look when we’ve done all the clearance.

Look at THIS!!!


This is good quality grazing, I’d be happy to put livestock on there right now. Most important is what that photo doesn’t show, no ragwort, no dock, no thistle and no creeping buttercup, just lovely grass!

My next job, is to dig out the fire site, and spread the ashes in the paddock where we’ve got holes, and then reseed, I’ve made a start, but it’s heavy going this…

As we felt that the original quote was a tad pricey, I’ve got 2 more people coming round to give me a price for installing post and rail fencing and gates, hopefully we can get something a bit more reasonable. I know it’s going to be expensive, but I thought it would be about four and half thousand, so fingers crossed.  Once we’ve got the fencing in, I’m going to see if I can borrow some sheep to keep it grazed, it’s daft to have to keep mowing it.  I daren’t get a horse yet, we’ve still too much to do on the house and grounds, and if I’ve got a horse in the paddock, nothing will get done, I’ll just be completely distracted.

The veggie garden is starting to yield, so far we’ve had potatoes, broadbeans and peas. The pigeons got all the gooseberries, but this little beauty is going to get smothered in cheese sauce and eaten for my lunch today!


In the greenhouse the tomatoes are coming on, I can’t wait for them to ripen.  I must have dropped a tomato seed on the greenhouse floor, I have no idea how on earth this managed to germinate and grow here, but I can’t bring myself to pull it up…

The walnut trees have really benefited from the extreme pruning they received earlier in the year, I was a bit worried about them, where branches were removed the wounds bled sap copiously, for about a month. But look at this!  Squirrel food….


The apple trees are happy with their pruning too, lots of fruit coming!


The cut flower/fruit garden has been mostly weeded and I’m having a go at flower arranging, these delphiniums got blown about in one of the recent storms, not sure I’m much good at it, but hey, I think it looks pretty.


Sunday Mr and MrsC snr came over. I’d been making a start on clearing the bits at the side of the meadow, under the trees and MrsC snr gave me a hand by pulling up the nettles.  Here you can see where I’ve not started and a bit that we’ve done.  Lots of raking and burning involved in this.

MrC snr sawed and chopped up a massive dead tree and fed the fire, then he re-rotovated the bit next to the veggie garden (that will soon be covered with a road) so stop the weeds seeding.

Pic for MrsC snr, I’m pretty sure I heard these guys saying very rude things about you….




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