Time to evict the ducks and moorhens.


Well, the rain has finally stopped, Summer is here at last, cue moaning about how bloody hot it is…

The last couple of weeks, I’ve been mostly weeding, deadheading, mowing, weeding some more. The front borders look really nice, the woodland is mostly under control, I want it a bit wild in there, but no bramble, nettle or thistle.  It seems to be growing a large amount of comfrey, I’m in two minds about this, haven’t decided if it’s going to stay or go, either way a large amount of it is going to end up in the composter, good stuff comfrey leaves for composting.


We had a plum tree decide to commit suicide, I think the weight of all the plums got a bit much and the branch could no longer support itself.  MrC got his saw on a stick out and now we have a sizeable amount of plum tree to burn…  I’ve only just finished clearing out the mess from the last lot of fires, here we go again…


This isn’t the greatest picture, I didn’t want to get too close, but this little fella was gripping onto the outside of the garage, in the daylight, I think he is a bit confused. I like bats, and I’m glad they’re back, love to watch them in the twilight flicking about.


The veggie garden is looking good, apart from the massive amount of weeds in there, the sweetcorn is ripening, the Brussel sprouts look awesome, my summer cabbages are pretty much ready and I’ve some winter ones in the greenhouse ready to plant out. The first early potatoes have all been eaten, and the dwarf broadbeans are over (the plants are now in the composter), but the broad bean festival isn’t over yet, we still have a row of the standard type that are still fruiting.  Everyone gets a bag of broadbeans if they come within a mile of me at the moment, I’ve blanched and frozen as many as the freezer will hold.

Apart from weeding, the next big event is the arrival of the garden shed, scheduled for Friday, I can’t wait for it to arrive (I think this is my Isaac genes kicking in, my dad is obsessed with sheds too).

As with everything in this place, it’s not quite as straightforward as “put up a shed”. The spot I want to put it in (behind the greenhouse) is covered with junk, old rooftiles, concete blocks and bricks, there is also a massive ivy growing there that needs to be removed and dug up.  The ground is also covered in weeds and very uneven.

To the rescue come Mr and MrsC snr, they came over in the week and moved all the junk and removed the ivy (MrsC took a time out to get a nettle fix) and then later in the week they came over again to dig all the weeds out.

I did some more weeding…

The shed was delivered on Friday (the driver left with a bag of broad beans) and Saturday Mr and MrsC snr and Tim and I worked on getting the base set. We worked out that buying new concrete slabs would cost about £120, so we decided to use the ones that are outside the back door, we don’t like them, they would be replaced at some point anyway, so we may as well reuse them now.  The patio now looks a bit spotty where we’ve nicked the slabs.  I shan’t miss them, the ones on the edge of the patio have been trying to kill me since we’ve moved in, everytime I stepped on them they moved and tried to tip me off.

Sunday is the big day, we’re having a shed building party!

BBQ ready fridge!!


Steve, Mel (brother and sister in law), plus the children (4 of) and Steves parents, along with Mr and MrsC snr all headed over to build us a shed and have a barbeque. I’ve never cooked a BBQ for 12 people before, but luckily Steve is a professional at this sort of thing and kindly removed the tongs from my inexperienced hand and had at it.

After a delicious lunch (I’m quite proud that a lot of it came from the garden, the last of the new potatoes went into the potato salad, along with home grown spring onions and chives), the onions are definitely ready, and delicious! Sadly the tomatoes and cucumbers aren’t quite ready yet, but they’re getting there!


It took 4 guys, working really hard about 8 hours, but the shed is finally up and watertight (they were hampered a bit by having the wrong instructions and one of the bits of wood being the wrong shape, but MrC made a new piece).

Time for a topping out ceremony and champagne in a paper cup!

The roof felt still needs fixing at the edges and the shelves to be built, but everyone was exhausted, that’s a job for another day!

It’s been great having everyone over, watching the kids enjoy running about the place and sipping Pimms in the garden, oddly exhausting though. Everyone left with a bag of broadbeans.

Next Sunday they’re all coming over again for another BBQ, along with Jon and Pip and their kids,  A game of rounders and a bonfire is on the cards, the kids were disappointed in the lack of bonfire today.  Better stock up on marshmallows.

Back to the normal routine now, morning is,move pile of weeds next to the back door, feed the ducks (the pond is nearly dry now, they’re going to have to find a new home), water the greenhouse and pots, hoe a bit of the veggie patch and deadhead the front boarder. The evening is generally weeding, with a bit more weeding, feed the ducks, water the greenhouse, try to get into the house without doing some more weeding, fail at that and leave a huge pile of weeds next to the back door to clear up in the morning…

Time to move out guys…




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