I growed that!

It’s been a fairly steady week,hoeing, weeding and deadheading are the daily activities, along with keeping pots and seedlings in the veggie plot watered.

Phil the meadow man came around on Monday and gave the meadow and surrounding areas a final spraying, the weeds are dying off nicely. Unfortunately it’s driven the rabbits (we have hundreds of them at the end of the meadow) to the front garden, no doubt they’ll return back to the meadow once we’ve had some rain and the spray is washed off the grass.


Die weeds die!!!


Mr and Mrs C snr paid a visit and MrC put up the shelves in the shed and gave part of the yew hedge a trim (birds are done with nesting now) while MrsC tackled the absurd amount of weeds in the veggie plot, it’s looking a whole lot better now.

Another plum tree in the orchard has sheared off another branch, not sure if the tree will survive this, as it came down it took out another branch which really only leaves it with 2 healthy branches, but MrC wants to try to save it.  2 of the plum trees are ripe along with a green gage, and one plum tree that looks as if it will ripen in about a month, think I’m going to be sick of plums very soon, but for the moment, it’s awesome popping to the orchard and eating them straight off the tree.


The onions, King Edward potatoes and garlic are ready for harvesting, they’ve been lifted and are drying in the sun, they’ll be relocated to the shed to finishing drying shortly, it seems to rain most days which makes it difficult to dry them outdoors.

Over the weekend MrC dug out along the bit where the asbestos fence used to be in the orchard, there was a lot of asbestos underground and we’re having the road put in next week, some of the soil they remove will be going here, so MrC wanted to clear the ground of asbestos before they dumped any more soil there.

Then we both tackled the foundations of an old chicken shed, there was chicken wire buried down to about a foot, that had been weighted down with bits of old masonry and rocks, these were all removed, then the ground rotovated and levelled off. Just needs sowing with grass seed now.


Sunday evening I cooked us our first roast meal that came predominately from the garden, the only ingredients on the plate that we didn’t grow was the chicken and the gravy!


Please excuse the squinty, dirty, sweaty photo of me and wow at the size of the cabbage wot I growed (yep, that really is just a single cabbage).   🙂


Next week will be mental, my dear friend Mr James is returning with his digger and a whole host of other toys to build us a road. I think I might need to redefine “friend”, whenever he comes round he trashes the place and empties my bank account…



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