I love skips so very much :)

Day 3 of road building, and I am getting decidedly grumpy at having to pretend I’m good to go at 7:30am.

The digging out and edging has been completed to the outbuildings side of the road and most of the 40 tonnes of crushed concrete has now been spread out, we have a delivery of another 40 tonnes coming tomorrow, at 7am…. Not amused.

The skip arrived bright and early, isn’t it just a thing of beauty!


The boys had a bit of a problem with the dumper truck, apparently something called a prop shaft fell off. Darren said a lot of incomprehensible man words about gear boxes and 2 wheel drive, but apparently they managed to fix it enough to use it today until Gerald comes over tomorrow with some parts.


Work is now starting on digging out the other end of the road for it meet up with the hardstanding we already have.


Look carefully at the pic, exciting development. Just before the digger bucket there, Darren has unearthed something important, a silt drain.  This SHOULD link up with the drainage pipes that he found yesterday that should ferry water from the roof and gutters into the pond.


It’s blocked, its very very blocked indeed. Mr James appropriated the drainrods and a combination of those and him digging the gunk out with his hands (I didn’t have time to offer him a trowel before he was already in there….) he cleared that end of the system.  We threw a hosepipe in there, to see where the water would come out now it was clear, and sure enough, a trickle of water appeared in the end of the broken waste pipe in the pond we found yesterday.  Unfortunately, years of it being blocked meant it wasn’t flowing cleanly into the pond, but seemed to have formed it’s own underground reservoir.  Nothing a 3 tonne digger can’t fix…


Here’s the outlet into the pond, it’s very broken, you can just see the bit of pipe it used to be attached to at the bottom of the pic.


Darren used the digger to remove the broken bit of pipe and seal off the path the water had built up for itself underground, and finally, the water is flowing directly into the pond!

Steve used the metal detector to try and find the second outlet pipe, but to no avail. He thinks the pipe has broken off, or rusted or even wasn’t installed all the way to the pond.

Excavation and removal of the earth is complete, and on that note Mr James went home, we have an absurdly early start tomorrow.


Gratuitous pics of Maggie, she says she’s not being featured enough recently.






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