Pony, pony, pony, pony, pony!!!

Well the plasterer came early Saturday and the ceilings in the hallway have been skimmed to get rid of the horrible artex. I’ve been weeding and who gives a crap..




I have a pony in the paddock, it’s not my pony but he’s adorable and I’m loving giving him a bit of tlc, apples and cuddles.

This handsome chap is called Apache Warrior, or Patches or Po for short. He belongs to Gaynor my neighbour over the road with the smallholding. He does look a bit moth eaten, which is why he’s come to live with us for a bit.


Poor Patches has had a rough time of it recently. He suffers from sweet itch, which is an allergic reaction to midge bites.  This leads to the horses itching horribly, and they rub to try to relieve the itch.  So he’s got very little mane left where he’s rubbed it off and he’s got bald and scabby bits all over from more rubbing (which means he fits in nicely, MrC is bald and the cat is scabby from flea bites, I’ve tried EVERYTHING this year to try to kill the fleas off, but to no avail, roll on winter).  Normally you’d rug up a horse with sweet itch to stop the midges from biting, but Patches is a cob, and a cob that doesn’t want to wear a rug will remove and destroy it in approximately 6 seconds, Patches doesn’t like wearing rugs.


He’s also been bullied by the other horses, and the stress of that and the sweet itch means he’s lost weight and all in all he’s a bit of a sad little chap right now. So he’s come to stay at the Purbeck pony spa for a while, to see if all our lovely grass can fatten him up a bit before winter  (Tim’s delighted, he doesn’t have to mow the grass in the paddock anymore) and give him a break from the other horses. I now have manure for the garden directly from the source!


Gaynor is coming over twice a day to check he’s ok, get cuddles and bring his feed, and he knows when she should be coming over to see him, he stops grazing and waits by the gate. He was there for about half an hour this morning till she came over, and he just waited and waited for her to come and give him a cuddle, such a little sweetie he is. He was Gaynor’s Christmas present from her hubby Aide 3 years ago and it’s the first time he’s been away (Patches not Aide), they rescued him. He was found at the side of the road at just 6 months old in a terrible state and they’ve done a wonderful job with him.

There will be lots of pics of him while he holidays with us, you’ll notice white splodges on him, that’s sudocreme I’m applying to his scabby bits, to stop flies from laying eggs and to keep them moist and help with healing.


He might not look his best right now, but this is one handsome fella, and he’s got the sweetest nature. I can groom him without tying him up, he stands stock still and looks delighted with proceedings.  He’ll let me apply the cream to him, even though it must be painful, without any complaints.  He LOVES cuddles and follows me round the paddock when I’m in there, rubbing his head on my bum quite a lot of the time, which does make picking up the horse poo a bit of a challenge.

His favourite spot so far is under the walnut tree where he can have a good old scratch.


The ceilings do look quite nice though



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