Yes, I know I smell like a horse, it’s a good smell.

It’s been ages since I last updated, not because we’re not busy, but it’s all a bit samey at the moment and I barely get an hour outside after work to get anything done, even less when the clocks go back.

Patches has settled in well and I’ve managed to get the sweetitch mostly under control. All the bleeding wounds where he’d rubbed himself silly have healed and most of the scabs have dropped (or been picked) off, so just waiting for the hair to grow back now.  He’s gained some condition, I’ve put him on 6 Piriton tablets a day (approved by Gaynors vet) and I’m adding a generous splash of sunflower oil to his feed every day.  Thanks to Anne for those tips.


He’s also had his feathers chopped off, the grass is quite long, and gets very wet, it’s a shame to lose them, but it’s a preventative measure to protect him from getting mud fever, which as he’s still a bit under the weather he’d be very prone to getting.


He’s a far cry from the sorry depressed little chap that turned up a month ago, he’s turned into a typical bolshie, cheeky cob, he frisks me for carrots or best of all extra strong mints and he often has a mad five minutes haring round the paddock like he thinks he’s a racehorse.


He likes to help me poo pick the paddock by tipping over the wheelbarrow and most days he comes over to me and makes sure I have an extra special fresh one to pick up…

I have definitely fallen in love, I shall miss him terribly when he goes home, which hopefully won’t be for a while yet…


In the garden I’ve been pulling in the last of the summer crops, all this little lot came from the garden, I’m of the opinion that the principle ingredient in a chilli-con-carne should be chillies!

Mr and Mrs C snr paid a visit and did an amazing job clearing down the veggie patch of weeds, it’s looking really good out there now (apart from the bits I still need to do)


The borders are still looking quite good, these cosmos have been value for money (especially as they were a free packet of seeds I got with an order of plant pots). They’re still fully in flower, in late October with tonnes of buds still to bloom.  They’ve been flowering since about June.


We had a visit from Barry who came to take away the massive amount of asbestos we’ve dug up from around the place, his Landrover was riding very very low on it’s suspension when he left.  Barry and I think it was about a tonne, MrC thinks it was more like half a tonne, we shall see when the bill for disposal comes in!  Anyway, flinging that lot into the back of a Landrover felt more like 10 tonnes.  Barry has 3 donkeys and was loving giving Patches some extra strong mints, apparently Barry takes his donkeys a slice of toast for breakfast every morning.  Not something I shall be doing with Patches, he’s bolshie enough just when I give him an apple (loaded up with Piriton) for his morning snack.

I’ve started on what will be my hobby for the next month or so, collecting leaves for the mulcher, Last years have rotted down lovely, they’ll be ready for use next year.


We are overrun with juvenile squirrels in the back garden, they’re spending all their time gathering up acorns from the oak and burying them in what will become, in a month or so, a 3 foot deep duckpond. Unless I can find some tiny scuba gear for them, I think my bill for peanuts this winter is going to be astronomical.  I KNOW they’re vermin, but they’re just so cute and entertaining I can’t bring myself to get rid of them.

Maggie showed us she can actually hunt for the first time ever, after the squirrels had basically run over her paws for the third time, she went after one, missed it, but she had a good try.  She’s been asleep ever since.

Moles on the other hand, have to die, and Aunty Carolyn has been round to set more traps for us, only one caught so far, but they’ve been reset and I’m hoping for a higher tally this time around.

Next week we shall be visited by the lovely Mr Lane who is going to decorate the hallway and landing for us.


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