Lots of Christmas trees this year :)


It’s been a while since I’ve updated this, it’s winter, not much goes on outside, by the time I finish work it’s pitch black outside. When the weather is nice I potter about, mostly keeping the fishpond clean and pulling up and composting dead plants.  The leaf mulcher is full to bursting and there are parts of the grounds that are still ankle deep in fallen leaves, I’m hoping they’ll just blow away into the woods next door.

The garden is showing some lovely winter colour, the miscanthus has mellowed into this lovely golden yellow, we’ll leave that there until about April, hedgehogs like to nest in it.  The crab apple trees look like they’re adorned with baubles!

Up until the DEFRA ban on letting chickens out, this little girl was a daily visitor, up over Gaynors fence and into our front gardens for a scrap about, then home again in time for tea.


We took a lovely trip to Elvedon with Mr and Mrs C snr and Steve, Mel and their kids, at this time of year they have these amazing Newfoundland dogs dragging the Christmas trees people buy to their cars in little carts. They are so very friendly and soft, I also got to feed a reindeer which was rather nice.  Topped it all off with a mug of hot chocolate and then purchased (rather a lot of) locally produced cheese.

The garden is still producing veggies although some are now nearly finished, I must plant more swedes next year, I seem to eat a lot of them. Next year I’ll try to plant them in a straight line, but judging by the onions and garlic that are now starting to sprout, I need to work on this,  straight lines are not really my thing it would seem.


For the last couple of weeks I’ve had some kind of mystery illness which meant even less has got done than normal, but I (crosses fingers and touches wood) seem to be on the mend, I felt so poorly I actually went to the doctors and am awaiting the results of some blood tests.

I did feel well enough today to catch the local bus into Diss, although we’ve been here a year it’s the first time I’ve done this. It’s rather like a mobile community centre, they made me very welcome and the bus drivers name is Alan….

Had a lovely forage round the garden this weekend with MrC and Mr and Mrs C snr, to get some bits and pieces to Christmas the place up, I think it looks rather nice, everything came out of the garden except the mistletoe which came from Mr and Mrs C snr’s garden.

This time last year the living room and dining room were a building site and we were scrambling to get it all finished before Christmas day so we didn’t get time to have a real Christmas tree, just managed to get the artificial tree up on Christmas eve, this year we’ve more than made up for it!

Ta Da!


The artificial tree is also up in the (newly decorated) hallway.


And this tiny little chap is a lovely Christmas gift from Jan and Paul, he’s so cute. He’s a living tree (with roots intact, so he’ll be planted out in the garden after Christmas, he’s in the conservatory at the moment because the house would be too warm for him.  I thought it would be nice to plant him in the garden outside the kitchen window (when we get round to landscaping it next year).  However, MrC did some googling and apparently they grow up to 80 meters (yes meters) tall, so I’m having a bit of a rethink….


Looking back on last years blog, the stream and the fishpond will soon start filling up so jobs for this week are to check the stream is clear and not clogged up with fallen branches. I’ve also got a large laurel tree that’s partially come down in the storm we had not so long ago so that needs taking out as well.

Merry Christmas everybody




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