Well duck me…


Happily our blocked/flooding stream problem has been resolved, Saturday morning Mr C donned his wellies and went and gave it a good poking with a combination of a fence post, a rake and some drain rods and managed to get the water flowing again. That smelt really bad, I think the water has been stagnating for a while now.  We had a couple of very confused ducks who one moment were paddling about in a 4 foot deep pond, and who were the next moment stuck in some very stinky mud.  The culprit was finally dug out of the mud, a breeze block that had fallen in and blocked the drainage pipes.



I think half the village has popped by to have a look at this now, whenever I go near that bit of the land there’s someone there having a gander.


The duck situation has got completely out of hand, I was very pleased to see Penny and Tucker return, but it’s gone from “awwww how lovely” to “where the hell did all these bloody ducks come from in” about 3 days. There’s  7 of them mooching about out there now, along with at least 3 moorhens.  I’m not feeding that lot, they’ll have to fend for themselves.

Sunday Mr and Mrs C snr came round and Mr C and I (mostly Mr C snr to be fair) carried on with the pruning in the entertaining garden while Mr C had a fire and Mrs C snr ferried all the mess we made with the pruning down to the fire.


The scrubs are starting to look a bit more manicured, these were all dragging on the floor and crossing over each other, it will take a few years to sort them out properly but it’s a good start and makes the place look slightly less neglected.

This bit was totally overgrown and we couldn’t see it before, quite a bit of dead tree clearance to be done here.

This bit needs sorting out as well, the new pruning shears I got for my birthday are certainly getting a work out.


I’ve been spending a lot of time in the greenhouse which is totally stuffed with seed trays and potted on plants I’ve been overwintering, they’ve started to encroach on the house, I’m sure Mr C hasn’t noticed though…


I’m desperate to get my health back on track, I’m uncomfortable all the time now, and tired, and seem to be swelling up every day, the pair of jeans that normally need holding up with a bit of bailer twine now won’t do up at all, I’m going to have to go around in a duvet cover before much longer.

I’ve another day of being pricked, poked and prodded at the hospital tomorrow, then surgery 7 days after that.  I hope recovery time is quick, there is so much I want to get on with.

Oh, Mr C managed to finally get a decent shot of our resident silver pheasant, he really is a stunning bird, hopefully we’ll have some baby silver pheasants in the spring.



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