Extreme Makeover – Paddock Edition!!!

It’s hard to know where to start dear diary, but luckily, whilst my brain is somewhat fried the camera keeps me on track with what’s going on.

The huge amounts of asbestos we’ve removed from the ground recently has been hauled away, we’ve not got the bill for this yet, I cringe in anticipation, the guys removing it (took 2 full lorry loads) estimate it was 2 tonnes, at times like these I can almost understand why the previous owners buried it, but FFS if you’re going to bury it, do at the outskirts of the property, bury it deep, and don’t land someone else with your problem. Don’t bury it about a foot down, RIGHT OUTSIDE THE BACK DOOR, seriously, that’s messed up.  But we’ve dealt with it, awaiting the bill, but it’s good to know it’s gone.


On a more cheery note, I had a lovely hack out with Louise from the livery Rosie is stabled at, Louise has a Supermodel of a horse called Kenza, and he really is stunning, Rosie, isn’t stunning, but I love her iccle ears and her kind eyes and the fact she’s quite small, so if she starts being a numpty, I can rein her in and make her be polite.  I want her home very much and soon she’s going to be here!


I mentioned in a blog post a little while ago, that when I’d finished painting the outside of the house, I would have sort out the top of the greenhouse, it would need de-pinking, but it’s tall, and I’m short and heights make me go all wobbly in the knee department and I had no idea how I was going to do it. I think I triggered something in MrC  snr (hapless daughter in law, must help) , he  came up with lots of plans for this, including building a special paint tray holder that had an angle that would stop the paint running down the green house roof (which worked very well) and other things that involved physics that even if I tried I wouldn’t understand.

The upshot of this, was the top of the greenhouse got very well painted, without me having to risk life, limb and fainting, I think it looks brilliant, now I need to crack on and do the bits that aren’t vertigo inducing.

Bit of a timeout over the weekend, my lovely friend Amy asked me along to her Hen Night, which obviously  I wasn’t going to, because hen do’s are usually horrible, until she said it was going to the races, Hello Horses!  So  I had a bath, stuck on some false nails, washed and styled my hair (I dried it with an actual hair dryer!!!) and donned a dress (yes I still own dresses, I just don’t often get the chance to wear them) and had a lovely time.  Got a winner on the first race, then it all went downhill a bit.

Amy Hen Do


I love Amy to bits, I’m going to be so happy to see her get married in just a few weeks.

But back to work… Mr and Mrs C snr have procured for us, A SKIP!!!  (If you don’t know how much I love skips, read back about a year!


They’ve done a fine job of filling it with stuff we’ve dug up:


I probably should of helped, but I had another mission in mind, with all that’s been going on the veggie garden has been very very neglected, twas time for some weeding and some harvesting, potatoes and garlic today, there are many more potatoes to be gathered when they’re ready.


And finally, Rosies Pony Palace has been erected, the guys that came to do it were so incredibly competent , they drove from Leicester at 5am got here at just past 8am, and did THIS:


These guys were incredible, they worked so hard and did a fantastic job, I’m completely delighted with the stables.


It’s the best spot in the entire grounds to catch a bit of late sun, with a book and glass of wine 🙂


Maggels had a bit of an explore, I think she’s just hoping there will some easy mouse hunting here (she’s gone from a pacifist to a complete monster on the hunting front)

To do list:

Weed the veggie garden

Ragwort the field again before Rosie gets here

Harvest crops and eat them (or freeze them), we’ve runner and dwarf beans that look so tasty

Paint the garage window

Paint the rest of the greenhouse

Sort out the woodland area, it’s out of control

Pony, Pony, Pony!!!!

Get a job



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